Bathroom and Shower repairs

Looking for specialists to replace broken tiles or fix a cracked washbasin? Get in touch with the team at Profix Surface Solutions. We Offer bathroom repairs to customers in Dublin, belfast and across Ireland

Restoring your bathrooms

Want to fix damage in your shower stall or on your bathroom floors? Then rely on the experts at Profix. We specialise in the repair and restoration of surfaces, such as bathroom floors. We also offer repairs and replace fixtures and furnishings in bathrooms. We can re­enamel any of the furnishings in your bathroom as well.
Whether you want to make repairs in your shower or overhaul the entire bathroom, we are here to help. Get in touch with us for more information on our bathroom resurfacing and repair services.

Fixing damage in your bathroom

We can repair, resurface and restore bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings. We will rectify any problems you have with your bathroom surfaces quickly and efficiently. This can help you save on the cost and inconvenience of replacement of bathroom accessories or renovation of the entire bathroom.

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