Hard Surface Repairs

Profix Surface Solutions Ltd can fix scratches, cracks and dents on various hard surfaces. Call us today for more information on our hard surface repair services. We serve customers in Dublin, Belfast and across Ireland

Hard Surface Repairs Derry


Resurfacing is the application of a new surface to a substrate or an old surface. At Profix, we carry out complete resurfacing for all types of surfaces, be it walls, floors or facades. We can even resurface items in a new colour to give it a fresh new look.
So give your floors, walls or furniture a new life with our resurfacing services and save yourself the cost and trouble of replacing them.

Wood Repairs Derry

Repairing any damage

We can also repair damage to any type of surface, from
hardwood floors to stone worktops.  Whatever the cause of the damage, be it impact, staining, contamination or burning, we can make your surface look as good as new. Our technicians can restore your item to its original state or resurface it in a different colour to give it a brand new look.

Damage we fix:

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